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Monday, February 14, 2011

Transferred Again...for real this time

Hello all,
I am finally in my mission now. McAllen Texas mission baby! Guess what? I love it. I am currently serving in Rio Grande City, and I can basically see Monterrey from where I am at. The river, which is the border, is in our area. Crazy huh? It's cool because there are so many people here from Monterrey, whereas in St. George I didn't meet a single person from there. One day, I'm going to find out exactly why I was sent here instead.
The branch here is tiny, but full of the coolest people. I wish I had time to describe every single member. On Sunday, Daniel was confirmed a member and Jose P___. was baptized. Daniel is 24 and is the coolest guy I ever met. He went on splits with us last night and we call him our secret weapon because before the misionaries found him, he had already investigated the Jehovah's Witness, Catholic, and some Christian church and he said he didn't feel comfortable with any of them. He said he prayed real hard because he wanted to know which church was true and a few days later, the missionaries came knocking on the door. So now Daniel is our secret weapon because the people we teach belong to one of the three churches that Daniel already investigated. His testimony is so powerful. He is preparing to go on a mission in a year when he can go to he temple, although he's not a legal citizen yet so he will have to serve in the McAllen Texas mission so I am hoping I can be his companion! How cool would that be?
My companions (yep, a trio once again) are Elder Anderson and Elder Duke. They are absolutely fantastic; such great missionaries and great people in general. We get along perfectly. My first day in the area was freezing cold (In south south texas?) but it has warmed up a ton and now it's hot. I don't want it to get any hotter. Too bad it's only February. I have a feeling I'm in for quite a treat come summertime.
My Spanish is improving. People keep complimenting me on it and give me more credit than I deserve, but I'm still very humble about it. I have a lot to learn. There are still those times when I'll be listening to someone speak and realize I had absolutely NO idea what they just said. That's when I pray that my companions take over.
Well, I have to write the President his weekly email. Afterwards, we are going to the park to play some futbol. I'm excited. Daniel is playing with us and Edgar, an investigator who is going to be baptized, will be there too.
Thanks for your long emails! I wish I had time to respond to them all. The food here is great (It's 100% authentic). My root canal surgery went great, didn't hurt at all. Went proselyting right after, although I couldn't really feel my face at all. Life is wonderful.
Elder Mecham
PS - I PROMISE I am going to send some pictures pretty soon. I hope