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Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is Wonderful

'nother week done over here in St. George. Man, I love it here! We taught 52 lessons this week and we picked up 9 new investigators. We were getting a little discouraged with some of the former investigators because they just weren't progressing but we are seeing such great improvement with the new ones. They actually have a desire to hear our message and to learn more and keep commitments. For example, we got a member referral for a lady named Martha. Her husband was baptized but hasn't been to church since he was 16. (They are both in their late 20's now) They have two little girls, 8 and 5, and they are overall an awesome family. We asked them what they expected to get out of the lessons we teach them and the husband, Gustavo, said that he wants to get back into the routine of going to Church and center his life more on Christ and Martha said that she wants to learn more about the church and create a good life for her kids and family. We were so excited at the end of the lesson that we forgot to set up a return appointment and as we left the house and were walking up the stairs to head to our next appointment, Gustavo comes out and was like, "Hey uh guys, would you wanna come back or something? We could make you lunch or whatever?" We were like, "Heck yeah! Of course we want to come back". It was pretty funny. I can't believe we forgot to set up a return appointment. We usually have to be pretty persistent in setting them up.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous still. Sometimes we teach lessons outside on the porch and I feel like my neck is getting sunburned. It's wonderful. I always just imagine my friends in Salt Lake. Hah.

I gotta run though! A bunch of elders are getting together to play some soccer or ultimate frisbee. We were gonna play hockey but about 16 other elders called us all wanting to play. Nothing wrong with a little futbol though. Life is wonderful.

Love you all!

Elder Brett A. Mecham

PS - I'll send some pictures soon hopefully. I haven't taken any yet but I put the camera in the car now so I'll start taking some

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