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Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey family,

Guess What? I got transferred. I am currently serving in Enterprise Utah. Ever heard of it? Probably not because NOBODY LIVES HERE! There are about 2,500 people in Enterprise. It's basically a farming community and 98% are Mormon. (At least it seems like it) It's a bilingual area though so I've been teaching in Spanish and in English. I love it though. It took me a while to get adjusted, but just like what happened in St George, I'm beginning to get to know the members and the investigators, which is making it easier. The smell has been a little tough to get used to. There are a lot of horses, cows, dogs and cats galore, some goats, and even a llama. Oh boy. Even though Enterprise is tiny, we have a car because we cover a couple towns, although I'm not sure they even qualify to be called towns. We cover Enterprise, Newcastle, Beryl, Modena. Modena is 35 miles away and there are a grand total of 6 houses there. They are all Mormon. There are about 10 houses in Beryl plus a housing community for a bunch of Hispanic workers. Newcastle is much bigger, with about 30 houses. We have some investigators there. If you stand on Main street, you can see every single house plus all the farm area surrounding. And then there is Enterprise, where we live. Nice and tiny. We have quite a few investigators altogether though. 
There are quite a few less actives that we are teaching but I like to focus on the non-members. There is an anti-Mormon family that we visit once a week. Surprisingly, they are one of the nicest families. There's a small polygamist community and we've tried teaching them. It's hard because they believe in the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, they just believe in a different line of prophets after John Taylor. The polygamists are really nice too though; just difficult to teach. There is even a branch of polygamists out here called the "pyramid people" because they built a pyramid building thingie which is basically their temple, I think. They live in a gated community and won't let us in. We heard from some of the members around here that they will draw their weapons if we try to enter. We're gonna try to convert them sometime this week...
There's only one grocery store in town. Fortunately there is a laundromat. We're doing laundry right now. There's a gas station and a church building. A post office too. And I think that's about it. There's no barbershop. A member is cutting our hair this afternoon. I'm livin' the life right now. I took some good pictures the other day. I'll send them soon. It's been pretty fair weather all week, but unfortunately it snowed last night so it's a bit colder. It was in the 40's this past week which wasn't too bad. We'll have to trudge in the snow now. Ugh.
I'm having a root canal operation today. We have to drive to St. George in a bit. I'm hoping that the insurance will cover it? I called the President on Wednesday because my front tooth looked a little funny and because he is a dentist, he told me I needed a root canal. It's a pretty expensive operation but I'll find out all the financial information before I go through with it. President Leonard just told me I need to do it before I get to Mexico otherwise it will really start to hurt. It's funny, because my front tooth is actually sort of blue. It's been like that since the MTC but I just didn't do anything about it because it never hurt. It started hurting on Wednesday so that's why I called the Pres.
I've been here since Wednesday, because there was another visa waiter here but he got his visa on Tuesday. Transfer calls were Last night though and I'm staying here in Enterprise. That probably (hopefully) means that I'll be here until I get my visa for Monterrey Mexico! I wonder when that will be. Anyway, my companion's name is Elder Johnson and he's been here for about 7 months now. He didn't know a lick of Spanish before his mission though so it's been pretty interesting teaching the Spanish lessons. He's sure picked it up, but nothing compared to my companions in St. George. Instead of sort of sitting in the back during the lessons, I'm teaching them! And already, my Spanish has improved considerably. The Hispanics even understand me! Crazy huh? It sure is fun. Elder Johnson is a great guy. 
It turns out that Enterprise was recently whitewashed and Elder Johnson and the other visa waiter were brought in to lift up and change the area. The missionaries before were apparently terrible. They were teaching about 2-5 lessons a week. It's hard to believe that's true. But this past week, we taught 27 lessons. In the two years that Enterprise has had missionaries, that is the most. Our goal is 30 for next week. Elder Johnson and his companion had to get prepped before arriving to Enterprise because the area was so bad. The members just didn't have trust in the missionaries. Things are awesome now. Everybody wants to feed us and we've been getting a ton of referrals. The Stake President called our Mission President (when Elder Johnson and the other visa waiter were here) and told him how great the missionaries were doing. I feel like I'm filling his shoes because the area is doing great. When I got my transfer call, they told me that they needed me in Enterprise. It's funny because after the transfer call, I told the Mission President about my tooth and initially he said that it would be better if I was in St. George so I'd be in the area for the operation, but then he thought about it and then told me that I'll have to go to Enterprise anyway because they need me here. That made me feel really good. 
Anyway, I love it here. Life is good. Love you all!
Elder Brett A. Mecham

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