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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey all,

We got the transfer call on Saturday and it turns out I'm staying in Rio Grande. Actually, the entire district is staying the same. I thought for sure 2 or 3 would be leaving. Maybe there will be mid transfers? Who knows. I'm excited though because we have some people really close to baptism.

I attached a photo to the emal. Hopefully it works. This is a picture of me and Hermana T___ and her son Humberto. Hermana T___ is one of the greatest ladies I've ever met. When I was new to Rio Grande and when Elder Stone came in and replaced Elder Anderson, we were looking for a ride for one of our investigatores because she didn't have a car and I noticed in the branch directory that there was a member that lived past our investigator but would probably be able to pick her up on the way to church, since it was on the way. I didn't know her but I gave her call and got it set up that she would take our investigator to church on Sunday.

We introduced ourselves to her that sunday and she has been the biggest help since then. We started taking her out to lessons with us and then she started feeding us every friday evening. (This was awesome because this was back before we were getting fed) She has helped us out with so many lessons. Her testimony is so strong and she relates so well with the people that we teach.

She and her husband (he's less active) live in a very humble home and can only offer a little on fridays when we come by to eat, but boy is it the best food in the world. Not because she's an amazing cook, but because it means so much to us. Even though she doesn't have a lot, she always insists that we eat there. We have some of the best conversations with her too. She loves to talk, and I love to listen and try to absorb in as much spanish as I can. It's hard to stay there for under an hour because we get caught up in talking. She and her family are wonderful. This past week though she has been in Mexico visiting some family and it's been difficult because we really enjoyed her help. She should be back next week though. We're excited.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you that picture and share a story about one of the members here in the Rio Grande Branch. It really is a grand place. I'm excited to spend a little more time here. (or a lot, who knows?)

Thanks for everything. I won't be able to write next week because it's the 4th of July. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Brett

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