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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hijole. Another week gone by. 

So we had mini missionaries this past week and it was so much fun! They would come over every morning at 7:15 and we'd do studies like normal and then begin the proselyting day. We'd get home at 9 and plan until 9:30 and then they would get picked up by a member and stay the night at the member's house. The week went by so fast. We found a bunch more people to teach. 
The two guys with us were Angel and David, both of whom I knew in Mercedes and Weslaco so it was super cool seeing them again. And then after a whole week together, we became super close. They are both 16 and so excited to serve missions. I feel like there are just a million stories to tell because we had so much fun this past week, but I'm just going to tell one. It's a funny one. So:

We were at a members house for a meal appointment, and we didn't know the family too well so it was cool to be able to spend a little time getting to know the family. He told us about his conversion story, his service in the Navy, and his plans that he has now. During the entire conversation, their little 14 month daughter was all over the two mini missionaries and my companion since they were all on the same couch. She kept trying to get on their lap, but they didn't really let her. Instead, they would just kind of shake her hand and play with her little fingers just to keep her occupied and satisfied. She kept going back and forth between the 3 missionaries and they all took turns giving her a little attention while also listening to the dad. The dad then went into the kitchen to finish preparing the meal but he kept telling stories and I was really into it and focused since I wasn't dealing with the crazy girl, and in the meantime she's all over Angel and Elder Wilson. Angel starts to play with her hands and giving her high fives and stuff and then she switches over to Elder Wilson and he starts doing the same thing. At this point, the story the dad is telling while in the kitchen is pretty interesting so we're all listening intently. Well, unbeknownst to Angel and Elder Wilson, the little girl crawled away but they both thought she was still there. Elder Wilson is gently playing with a hand that he thinks is the daughters' and Angel is letting who he thinks is the daughter play with his hand. Hahaha after several moments, Elder Wilson looks down and realizes he is stroking Angel's hand! Before he can even pull his hand away, Angel looks down and realizes Elder Wilson is stroking his hand! Hahahaha oh man it was so funny. I couldn't suppress the laughter. Let's just say it was a super awkward moment. 

Man in addition to that, there were just a bunch of cool things we did this week. It was so fun having the mini missionaries with us. It will be cool to stay in contact and see where they end up serving.

Okay, gotta run. Love ya!

-Elder Brett

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