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Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug. 6, 2012

Oh boy. Here I am in the library again after another one of those "best week ever" weeks. Where do I begin?
First, we are teaching some of the coolest people in the entire world.
Second, my companion is awesome.
Third, the elders in my apartment are awesome.
Fourth, my entire zone is awesome.
Fifth, it's super hot outside and makes me appreciate Michigan and it's wonderful weather.
Sixth, a couple families who we are teaching came to church on Sunday and loved it. It was one of the better fast and testimony meetings.
Seventh, I'm still in Edinburg and it's one of the greatest places on earth.
Eighth, I'm guaranteed to be here for at least two more weeks, and I'm stoked.
Okay, there's more but I just don't have time to explain it all. Man I love being a missionary. So we're teaching this awesome family. Let me explain (I'm not sure if I have already. Sorry if I did). When I was in Mercedes, there was a recent convert that I got to know pretty well and became good friends with. He's 16 and is the only member in his family. He lived in Mercedes with a member from church because he didn't get along with his family very well, especially after joining the church. One day while here in Edinburg, Elder Covington and I were riding our bikes and a lady parked her car and jumped out and asked if we were the mormons. We said yes and she then went on to explain how her son was a member and that she just wanted to know where the church was so that he could start going here in Edinburg once he moves here from Mercedes. We told her where it was at, gave her our number, and asked if we could stop by once he moved in with the family here in Edinburg. She said of course.
After a few weeks, we were finally able to sit down with the family. The 16 year old kid was still in Mercedes, but we were able to begin teaching the family. That sunday, the dad and brother came to church! We told them to tell their son who is a member because he would without a doubt be super excited. The next week was the week of the mini missionaries. The 16 year old kid was on his mini mission here in Edinburg since he turned in his papers from Mercedes! He was with a different companionship here in Edinburg but it was cool because we could give him updates on how his family was doing. That sunday, the brother and dad came to church while the kid was there too! It was great. Then this past week, we continued to have some amazing lessons (The 16 year old kid now lives there at the home with his family) and yesterday the whole family came to church! They had such an amazing experience too. Today we are going to the church to play basketball and volleyball with the dad and the two sons, and then we are going to their house at 7 to have a family home evening and a barbeque. I can't wait.
Man, I really hope y'all understand the story. It's difficult to explain, but it's such an amazing story! Oh, I want to tell you all one more spiritual experience with this family. Two Sundays ago, the dad and I were talking after church. We were talking about a variety of different things, but then he asked if I had a number or address from back home that I could give him so we could talk after my mission. I told him that I always give my number and address to all the people I meet here in the mission so that we can stay in contact for the rest of our lives. When I said that, he clenched his chest and started to cry. He then pulled me over to a corner and asked what it was that he felt in his chest and why he started to cry. He said he felt "alegria" and "gozo". It was super cool because I could feel it too. I told him what he was feeling and then shared 3 Nephi 4:33 to explain the feelings that he had. It was awesome.
Alright, gotta run. Love ya all mucho!
-Elder Brett

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