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Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug. 13, 2012

Greetings family :)
You're not going to believe this but...This past week was the best week of my entire mission. May I explain?

So remember the story from last week about the family? Well they are the C____ family and they are the best family in the world. For the past month, we have been teaching them about the Gospel and they have seen so many changes and blessings in their family. We invited them to be baptized on the 19th of August and they have expressed numerous times that they felt that that day was too soon. We assured them that they could be ready by that date, and in the mean time, to keep praying, reading, and coming to church. Lesson after lesson, they kept progressing and soon the son, Angel, and the daughter, Emily, both said that they were ready for baptism. Then, the mom told us that she was ready. Last week, we had an awesome lesson and when we asked him about baptism on the 19th, he said "Who knows, anything can happen." Elder Wilson and I were basically ecstatic because that was the most positive answer he's given yet. Since then, we finished teaching them everything they need to know before baptism and then we started watching some great church produced videos like the John Tanner Story, If Only a Stonecutter, Mountain of the Lord, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, and others. They were in tears with every movie.
Well this Sunday, we got to church at about 8:50 and walked inside and there was the C____ family sitting in the row with their Book of Mormon and Bible in their laps. Church was great, and afterwards they invited us to their house that night for tacos to celebrate the mom's cumpleanos. Elder Wilson and I were stoked; we love Mexican tacos.
We were planning on going over there at 8, but at about 6 or so the dad, Ansberto, texted us and said that he had news for us and that he would tell us that night. Elder Wilson and I weren't sure if we should be nervous or excited. We got there at 8 with them all ready for us like always, we sat down, and within a few minutes the dad said, "me voy a bautizar". Translated into english being, I'm going to be baptized. Elder Wilson and I were super excited and I patted Ansberto on the back but he had his face in his hands and just started to weep. For the next hour, he told my companion and I about all the amazing blessings that he and his family have received since meeting with us and going to church.
I'm running out of time. But, the family is getting baptized this Sunday :) I'll write more about them next time.
Love you!
-Elder Brett Mecham

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