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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct. 29, 2012

It was another one of those weeks :)
We have been teaching Hermana S____, the mother of Hermana F____ who is a member of the church, along with all of her family. Hermano and Hermana S____ live in small ranch town close to Guadalajara Mexico but moved here temporarily to live with their daughter and her family. It has been probably one of the funnest (and easiest) teaching processes. She was golden. Yesterday, she got baptized along with the F___s' daughter who recently turned 8. It was such a fun baptismal service! I love the F___ family to death and have fallen in love with hermana F___s' parents. I told them I'm going to visit them in Mexico. I can't wait. I have heard that Guadalajara is beautiful.

Pretty cool/funny story:
Part 1 -

A couple weeks ago we noticed this jogger running and then spotted him again a couple days later but in a whole different part of the city. It seemed like we saw him no matter where we were. One time, we were driving to an appointment and we saw him again and we were like man we should teach this guy the gospel. He has a whole lot of time to run, he should have plenty of time to sit down with us and hear our message. We considered rolling down the window and flicking a pass-along card for him to read while he jogged but then figured that would be dangerous. We laughed and continued on our way.
 Part 2 -
There is a recent convert in our area that goes to the singles ward and has done an amazing job at sharing the gospel. Her friend got baptized right before Elder Stevens and I got here and we have been visiting and teaching him. He's a super cool guy. Anyway, she told us a couple weeks ago that she has another friend that agreed to meet with us. We tried setting up some appointments but they kept falling through. Finally we had one set for last Sunday night at Natalia's house. We get to her house and she introduces us to her friend. Guess who it was? The jogger!!! Haha so our wish came true. We have started teaching this guy the gospel. It's been tons of fun. We had another lesson last night and we have another tomorrow. I wish I could stay here a little longer!
Wow, the time just flies by huh? Things are going so wonderful. Thanks so much for your prayers and sending me such amazing letters. I'm not quite sure why I'm being so blessed. I guess instead of asking why, I'll just continue to give thanks. This is going to be another great semana :)
Los quiero!!
-Elder Brett

p.s.  a few more pictures

1st picture - This is me and little Jonathan Godoy, the almost two year old little monster. We always say kneeling prayers as a family and he has gained the habit of kneeling with us and folding his arms. It's super cute. He also gained the habit of making weird faces whenever he sees a camera lens. I love this family.
2nd picture - Me and the elders in our apartment.

3rd picture - Me and my companero jumping off the swings at the park after a grueling game of futbol. We have a great zone, but two weird zone leaders ;)

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