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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sept, 24, 2012

Hola familia,

It was an amazing week. The C____ family got baptized yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. The baptismal service went great; the relief society president and another relief society sister gave short talks/testimonies and then the bishop, primary 1st counselor, and relief society president gave "welcome's" to the ward. Jonathan (the loco 1.5 year old) was asleep when they came Sunday evening to the chapel for their baptism but awoke shortly thereafter and was a little monster haha. But overall, everything went very well. I baptized Hermano C_____ and Elder Stevens baptized Hermana C_____ and Juan Pablo. 
It's been so cool to see the changes in this family. It's cool because most of my recent converts have had major spiritual confirmations or experiences before there baptism, which have all been great, but with this family it has been just one gradual incline. This has made it difficult to see all the changes from when we first found and started teaching them to now, but looking back on it, it is is quite obvious. We have an FHE tonight with them and have a cool lesson planned. We're excited.

Today we were at the mission office faxing some forms and we were trying to get back to our apartment as soon as possible to get ready to play some soccer and we hit some bad traffic at the stoplight. As we maneuvered our way around cars to get through the light, we realized the traffic was due to a car that had broken down and the guy was waving his hand out to people signaling them to pass him. Before crossing the intersection we managed to swerve to the right and park our car on the side of the road to help him out. We ran to his van and asked if we could help. We directed traffic around his car and then started pushing his van backwards to the nearest parking lot entrance. As we were pushing his super hot van, a guy pulled off to the side of the road and jumped out to help us. He was a pretty buff guy and really helped us out haha. Anyway, it was just a super cool experience. As missionaries we are basically obligated to do that sort of stuff but Elder Stevens and I were both super impressed with the guy who was on his way to work but took the time to push this guys' van that had broken down. The man was super appreciative (only spoke spanish which was cool; we got to show off our skills) and said he would call his family to come help him. Nice to know that there are some good people in the world huh?

Well, things are still going amazing here in Mission/Hidalgo. Love you all. Thanks for everything!

-Elder Brett

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