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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 14

It has been a crazy/difficult week. It's so hard to believe that two of the Elders, both of whom I knew well, passed away. It sure made me grateful for the plan of salvation. Since the accident, we have had numerous people approach us or talk to us about the incident. Just last night, we stopped by one of our investigators real quickly before heading back to our apartment and Elder Davis' bike sort of busted and he lost one of the parts to his wheel. As he was trying to fix it, and I was trying to find the missing part in the grass and in the street, a large van pulled up and two ladies got out and tried to help me find the part. They brought out extra flashlights and got on their hands and knees with me as we searched for the "needle in the haystack". They told us that they heard about what happened to the two missionaries and said that they felt they had to help us out. People have been very sympathetic and nice. It's so great to know exactly what those two Elders are doing right now and I know that they will continue to help all of us out as we continue in this missionary work.

Both the Manuel's that we are teaching are doing great. I'm so excited for them. We are still endeavoring to find more. We are trying to work closely with the members. That's where we've seen the most success.

Thanks family for everything. I wouldn't be able to do this without you. Your support has been amazing. You are all in my prayers.

Elder Brett

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