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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mar. 19, 2012

Hello family,

It was a bit tougher of a week. But, we met some great new people and
are moving forward (I wanted to say "seguir adelante" but I couldn't
think of the translation in enlgish). My companion and I are doing
great. I have a hard time getting him to speak Spanish though! He
always reverts back to English! We planned it out so every other day
we speak the other language. That way it's fair. His english is
already good so I think we should be speaking more in Spanish but he
doesn't agree. Oh well.

We got flu shots today because some missionaries apparently have been
getting really sick. After spending what seemed like an ETERNITY at
Walgreens (remember, it's P-day so waiting in line for more than 5
minutes is half an eternity) and finally filling out all the paper
work and sitting down to get the shot, the doctor tells us that the
flu season is from August to march so it's basically the end of the
flu season! We got the shots anyway. Elder Ferrel doesn't like needles
so he was scared. I think I was a little nervous too. Weird right?
Still semi-afraid of needles. My arm feels fine because I've been
moving it around but Elder Ferrel can barely move his. I think it's
all in his head. He thinks it's all in his arm.

Sheesh, there really isn't anything else exciting to write about. Just
flu shots. Hmm, maybe I'll have some crazy story to write about next
week. Anyway, I love you all!

Elder Brett

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