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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hello familia,

Guess what! Elder Ferrel just found out that his dad and two younger brothers are getting baptized! Cool huh? They are still working with their mom. I was reading Elder Ferrel's email from his brother and I could barely read it; too much espanol lingo jaja k chistoso berdad? My companion taught me that to say "porque" just write xk. In multiplication, to says times (example, 3 times 2) you say por. So it would be 3 por 2, and the symbol is an x just like in English. So, they write x for por and k for que. Man I'm learning a lot of cool things.

So we are doing a lot better job at speaking English and Spanish. It's been good. We are finding and teaching a lot more people in Spanish too. Remember the family I wrote about the other week? They all came to church on Sunday. The husband, wife, and all 5 hijos. They are ages 6, 4, 3, 1, 1. They received the warmest welcome at church that I have ever seen. Probably because the kids are pretty much the most adorable kids in the world. The oldest boy started crying when he first when to primary but by the end of church when we went with the parents to get the kids from primary, they didn't want to leave. Hmm, maybe the kids might end up helping the parents! They are the coolest family in the world.

Well, we got a lot of things to do today. We need to clean our bikes and clean the car thouroughly. Then relax :)
Anyway, love y'all mucho!
-Elder Brett

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