Brett's apartment mailing address:

3712 Howard Dr. Apt # 18
McAllen, TX

Brett's mission office address:

Texas McAllen Mission
Attn: Elder Brett Mecham
200 West La Vista Ave.
McAllen, TX 78501

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mallory's email to Brett this week ... the first week of April

Oh Brett, you are going to get a kick out of this for sure.
So, you know how I emailed you about that tornado/storm last week?  well, I told mom about it and was just like, man, I'm sure we would have heard something already if Brett's area was badly affected so I'm sure he's ok.  Well, on Sunday afternoon mom texted me that she had just spoken with you and that the mission home had been destroyed so they had decided to scale back the mission so you were being sent home now!  I totally bought it.  I was just in shock and thinking about how this changed everything, and how you were going to be able to start school in the fall, but how applications already needed to be submitted, so what were you going to do, and then I was like, perfect, he can come visit me in florida again before school starts, and then I was like oh man, but he's going to be so disappointed to be leaving early!  I called mom back and she just kept trying to give me hints by saying outrageous things and I stiill didn't pick up on it.  When I asked if you were sad to be leaving, she was like no, he's excited about starting school, and that surprised me.  And then she told me you'd decided not to do engineering or anything, and that you decided you wanted to just study art.  I was like, what?!  Nooo he can't do that, there's no job market for that, he doesn't even like art all that much, what is he thinking!?  And then mom (who could not believe I was that gullible) finally was like, Mallory, what day is it?  And I was like, Sunday?  I don't know.  And then it dawned on me that it was April Fools Day.  Uuuuuugh she got me so good.
But man she got me excited about having you come home now, so now November seems like so far away!!

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