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Monday, April 16, 2012

April 9, 2012

I'm getting transferred!!!!! I can't believe it. It's funny because on
Friday night, after an awesome day, I was thinking, Hmmm I bet I'm
going to be here for a while. I love Mercedes. I still have 6 more
weeks to train my companero and then I bet he will leave and I'll get
a new companion for another transfer or two. And then out of the blue
I got a call from Presidente on Saturday night and he told me I'm
being transferred to Edinburg. It's not that far away. Another one of
those cities just outside of McAllen. I'm sooo sad to leave Mercedes
and my companero and the families we are about to baptize but I'm
excited to start again in a new area. I'm actually not leaving until
next Tuesday so I still have one final week here. So sad...
The other night I was brushing my teeth and we got a text from another
companionship in the district and they mentioned something about peer
pressure, but Elder Ferrel didn't understand it so he exclaimed in his
loud Mexican voice, "Peer pressure? What in the world is that!?" Oh
man. If only you could hear it. His english is so good but I love when
he uses an english phrase that he's learned and then tries to sound
out something unfamiliar. He's got an awesome accent. Priceless.
Every time Elder Ferrel and I decide who's turn it is to pray, we have
this tradition of either saying, "Who, yo?", "Quien, Me?", or "Who,
tu?" Haha and then the other day we were about the leave the apartment
so we knelt down to say a prayer but once again, we were unsure of
who's turn it was to pray. I told him that in order to decide who
would pray, we were going to play a game: We were to list off names of
metals in spanish and the first person to not be able to think of one
would say the prayer (You'd think that I would have the disadvantage
right? wrong). I told him, "okay, I'll start. Bronce!" (bronze). He
went next and said "Oro". So I said okay and bowed my head and crossed
my arms so he could pray. Haha. The verb "to pray" in spanish is orar
and the first person present is "oro". But, it also means gold. haha
it was sooo funny. He paused for a second and I could sense him trying
to figure out what was going on as I had my eyes shut and head bowed.
After a few second I lifted my head while holding back laughter and
looked at him. He was smiling. And then he said the prayer. Again, it
was a priceless moment.
It's getting HOT. I am so excited for the summer. Elder Ferrel is
dreading it. I asked him "But aren't you from Mexico!?" and he said
Yeahh but I just go outside to get done whatever I need to get done
and then go back inside. No knocking doors and riding bikes all day.
True true.
Well, we are getting together to play some futbol. I can't wait.
There's no school today so we'll have some members playing with us.
That's the best. They got soccer in their blood.
Love you all!
Elder Brett

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