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Monday, March 12, 2012

Feb. 27, 2012

Hey y'all!
Sorry I didn't write last week. It was Presidents day and the biblioteca was closed. Anyway, everything is going great. Mercedes is wonderful. I'm especially fond with Progresso (the little pueblo close to the border). There are two awesome families that live down there and we have been taking them out to lessons with us. It's been wonderful teaching in Spanish again! There's just something about teaching in Spanish. It feels better. Elder Harris is still fairly new but his spanish is progressing. The Hispanic people are so patient and loving; it makes it easy. We just tell them, "no hablamos muy bien el espanol" and that if they have any questions to just ask us. They never make fun of us for our mistakes and always seem excited and willing to help us learn. I think it's because they have all experienced the struggle of trying to speak a new language since they are here in the United States.

It's always funny though when we make a silly mistake. Here's one for ya:

We were visiting Yazmin and her family and there was a mattress propped up in the hall and Yazmin was messing around with it and so her Grandma, Hermana G____ (one of the greatest people I have ever met, seriously) mentioned something about the mattress and used the word calchones with is the plural form of mattress in Spanish. Well Elder Harris, misinterpreting the word, asked what chones were. Yazmin BUSTED out laughing and said "ELDER! Do you know what chones are!? They are underpants!!" It was absolutely hilarious. Yazmin is probably the coolest 9 year old in the world.

Another story about Yazmin: This was a couple weeks ago when we were teaching her about baptism and we showed her a picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and Sis. G____ mentioned to her that they were cousins. When Yazmin heard that, she had this intense look on her face as if she were contemplating something really important and you could see the gears turning in her brain. Then, after a few second pause, she exclaimed. "OOHHHHH. They're PRIMOS!!!!!" (Primos means cousins in Spanish) Elder Harris and I almost died laughing. Teaching Yazmin has probably been one of the most memorable experiences of my mission. Sis G___ has us over every sunday evening for dinner and she washes our laundry on Monday mornings. We then just take it to the laundromat to dry. She is probably the strongest member in the entire Spanish Ward and does so much to help everybody out. I don't know a whole lot about visiting teaching but she seems to be the picture-perfect example of what visiting teaching is all about. Many members have been brought back to activity and I'm sure many are currently active in the church because of her.

We are getting together as a district to play some jungle-uno later today. It's basically extreme uno. It's fun. We play it the the Grindstaff family on sundays after church. There are 8 of us in the district and it's probably the coolest district in the world. Did I tell you that I'm the district leader? It's been a fun transfer. And guess what, President texted me the other day and I'm training again next transfer!! I was hoping to be with Elder Harris for another transfer but oh well. It will be cool to get another verdecito! (greenie).

Thanks familia for everything! Los quiero muchisimo!

-Elder Brett

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