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Monday, June 11, 2012

Helloooo family!

Wow it was another great week. Meliza and Vida C_____ got confirmed on Sunday. We took Meliza to a lesson with a lady we met and it was spectacular. The lady came to church and loved it. Actually, if you all go back to my email that I sent on May 14, I talked about the lady that we met while riding our bikes and then did some service. After that day of service, we went back as an entire zone and spent two hours and cleaned up the ENTIRE yard. It was awesome. Afterwards, we attempted to talk about the gospel a little but she didn't seem too accepting and we didn't want to offend or push too much so we just told her that we were always willing to come back by and serve.
During the next couple weeks, Elder Covington and I thought about stopping by or giving her a call but we kept telling ourselves that she would give us a call when she was ready. We wanted to teach her so bad though! After such an awesome day of service, we both thought for sure that something good would come out of it.
Well, just this past week, she called us. She said she felt terrible but she needed some help in her yard again and didn't know what to do. We were on exchanges so Elder Call and I went to her house at noon and spent an hour and a half helping her out, and then we finally sat down and taught her the gospel! The next day, Elder Covington and I went by with Meliza and had one of the most amazing lessons ever. Yesterday, she came to church and loved it.
We are praying that she continues to learn and progress towards baptism and full conversion into the church. I'll keep you updated.

Hmm, other than that, things are going...absolutely amazing. Guess what? I'm eating pretty healthy. Have I mentioned that I've only eaten wheat bread on the mission? Hey dad, tell Grandma that I like nuts now. When she sent the caramel for Christmas, I was the one that ate the ones with nuts in them; although, I still prefer without nuts in caramel and brownies! But I love the turtle chocolates with cashews and I love trail mix with almonds and peanuts. I'm one of the few missionaries in the apartment who eats fruits and vegetables. It's more expensive but I feel healthy. I'm thinking about buying some protein though because I'm getting kind of skinny and I want to bulk up. I can't come home skinner than when I left. Isn't it a rule that you're supposed to gain weight on the mission? We have a bench press in the apartment but it's kind of crappy and I don't really like using it too much. It doesn't have a lot of weight and it's outside, and you wouldn't believe how hot and humid it gets, even at 6:30 in the morning. I'm really big into jump roping now. Maybe I can start getting rid of my little chicken legs. Man, I remember when I was with Elder Diamond in Rio Grande and he had 6 months left so he started his "Six months to Sexy" program (which he gave up on after a few weeks). Well, I think it's time for me to start the program for myself. Jump roping, bench press, maybe a few sit-ups here and there. We'll see :)

Haha well I gotta run. I need to write to president real quick, go shopping, and then get our gear so we can play some basketball. Last week was soooo fun! Some of the best basketball I've played on the mission.  

Hasta Luego!

Elder Bret

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