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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012

To start off, Meliza and Vida C____ were baptized yesterday. It was awesome. I feel like there are many more baptisms to come from this family.

Things in Edinburg are amazing as always. We have some fresh blood in the zone and it has kind of spiced things up a little. It's been fun :)

I found an ipod nano the other day while proselyting. It was smashed into the ground pretty bad but I took it home and cleaned it up as best as I could. A muchacha from the Spanish ward got me a wristband made specially for the ipod so now I can use it as a watch, by using the watch setting on the ipod. It's pretty cool. The screen is cracked pretty bad so it doesn't look that great, but oh well. It was an exciting find. I'm not sure how I saw it, but I happened to glance down and see a faint apple symbol and then I dug it up. Pretty cool huh? Definitely one of my better tracting treasures...
We're playing basketball today with some missionaries and a bunch of the older youth from church. Also, Amador (baptized two weeks ago) and Arturo (Didn't get baptized yesterday with his sister and niece, but will hopefully get baptized soon) are coming. It's gonna be fun.

It's hot. 'Nuff said :)

I'm excited for another week. The weeks go by too fast. I'm glad it's the summer though. School is out so we can contact more families, and it means we can bring the youth to play sports with us on P-days. I feel like the summer is going to go by real fast though. Uh-oh.

Pardon my interesting email. Bunch of just little random things. Thanks y'all for everything.
Elder Brett

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