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Monday, June 4, 2012

May 29, 2012

Elder Covington and I are staying together in Edinburg for one more transfer. It's his last transfer, which means that I'll stay for another one after he leaves. I'm stoked. Another family of three (relatives to the family of 8 from a week ago) is getting baptized this sunday. I think I mentioned it in a past email, but they are from Michigan! One of the guys is 16 years old and he has lived in Lansing all his life. He just came down a couple years ago to be with his relatives here in the valley, but he wants to go back to Michigan so bad. I promised him that he can stay with me when I'm back at school at UofM, and that I'll take him to a Michigan football game. He is super excited. He wants to go to either UofM or MSU and I'm trying to convince him to become a wolverine. We'll see...

Well, I gotta keep it short this week. We weren't able to email yesterday because it was memorial day so we had to do it quickly today. Yesterday we went to the Ward Mission Leader's house from the Spanish ward and he made us a huge barbecue since several of the missionaries in the zone are leaving. It was fun. He's an awesome WML; we have some of the greatest members here in Edinburg.

Well we gotta run. Just know that I'm healthy and happy and loving every single second of every single day :)

love y'all muchisimo!!

Elder Brett

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