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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh boy. Another week here in Edinburg. Right now we're still on the search for more people (preferably families) to teach. Can y'all believe that it's almost July? What the heck. My companion goes home on July 11th so we won't be together much longer. I'm excited to see who my companion is going to be. It's cool being a Zone Leader because you can kind of guess who your next companion is going to be. I got the possibility of a bunch of my friends becoming my companion. We'll see.

We were hoping that the tropical storm debbie would hit us and make things a little more interesting down here in Texas, but it sounds like it's going to stay in Florida. We had a pretty cool thunderstorm (one of just a few in my year and a half here) last week and Elder Covington and I were on our bikes when it came out of nowhere. We got drenched! We were having a bunch of fun riding through giant puddles and getting soaked but then all of a sudden we were attacked by swarms and swarms of flying ants that looked like maggots or larvae. It was awful. We finally made it to a member's house after nearly choking on these crazy ants and had little Abel (9 year old little punk) hose us down with the water hose after the rain had stopped. It was a ton of fun, but then we were like, "well now what do we do?". So we went inside and we used the iron and blow dryer to dry off our socks and shoes and then used towels to try and dry our clothes. It actually worked pretty good. We left just damp instead of soaked.

Well, that's about all. Nothing else exciting or special going on. We're about to play some basketball at the gym. We've been going basketball crazy lately and have had some awesome games on p-days.

Los quiero muchisimo :)

-Elder Brett

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